Relief India Trust condemns sacking of 82 staff members at FTII

Amidst the ongoing tension concerning FTII and the appointment of Gajendra Chauhan as its chief, a new trouble has surfaced in which 82 staffers have lost their jobs at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. The dismissed staff members were working on contractual basis with the institution and their contracts were ended abruptly. Relief India Trust expresses its dismay over this insensitive step. The management says that the decision came from the Information and Broadcasting Ministry whereas the ministry claims it to be FTII management’s call. Trapped in this passing of buck are the families of those unfortunate 82 staffers.
FTII management claims that the dismissal is justified as the staffers were of no use since no operational work was going on in the institute because of the strike. But is this justified? What is their fault in this whole case? The students are protesting against appointment of the new chief where as the government is adamant on their decision. This must not have an adverse impact on the people who bear no relevance to this entire tussle. Relief India Trust believes that the FTII management and ministry should recall their decision and reinstate these employees. The institution which gave film industry stalwarts like Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Anupam Kher and many more has already suffered enough on the account of this political scuffle. We don’t need to add the hue and cry of 82 hard working staffers to this.


Relief India Trust urges people to find spirituality through Karma

Human belief in miracles is nothing new. And human worshipping other humans is nothing absurd again. This belief has led to the evolution of eons. Civilizations have prospered and collapsed, all on the account of human beliefs.  Thousands of years ago, we believed in humans and worshiped them like Gods. But those were worthy of being revered as gods. Through their actions and deeds, they all proved their mettle and only then earned the title of gods. But over the period of time, as we have evolved, the beliefs have been diluted in their essence. Relief India Trust condemns the fact that we no more believe in actions and ‘karma’, rather, look for shorter ways to please gods. So much for our greed!

We have stayed upfront all these ages in worshiping fellow humans but is it a custom to do so or is there reasoning behind this? Have we really stayed true to the course or have just lived up to it on the surface level? We have started looking for god in fellow humans not because they have proved themselves worthy of being worshiped. We follow in worshiping them because we are no more driven by faith but by greed. We are like imbeciles, easy to be lured into something as preposterous as human worshiping.

These so called ‘ human gods’ do not possess a profound knowledge about universal truth but have a sleight of hand, have those clever words which they conjure in our ears and we get caught by a frenzy and believe them to be reincarnation of some deity. The fallacy lies in our conscience. We have become so helpless with our deeds that we believe they can be only corrected by some higher power. And much to the desolation, we look for people to help us attain salvation. These ‘god like humans’, who have always been as human as we are, suddenly come out of their closet proclaiming to be a higher power and we give in to this. Is Radhe Maa worth comparing with any god? By doing this we are only lowering the stature of a deity.  Relief India Trust believes that the best way to a spiritual salvation is by becoming a true human. Gods won’t have issues if we serve humanity and not pray to them but they will certainly have issues if we lose focus on our ‘karma’ and look for blessings through these imposters.

suddenly come out of their closet proclaiming to be a higher power and we give in to this. Is Radhe Maa worth comparing with any god? By doing this we are only lowering the stature of a deity.  Relief India Trust believes that the best way to a spiritual salvation is by becoming a true human. Gods won’t have issues if we serve humanity and not pray to them but they will certainly have issues if we lose focus on our ‘karma’ and look for blessings through these imposters.

Relief India Trust… We are to serve you

It is an undeniable fact in every country, there are certain remote areas where people are too needy that they do not have access to even the basic human needs, including food, shelter, education, health clean water and other relief facilities. Government of the areas fails to meet all the requirements of the people living in those areas, in order to improve their living standards. At that down torn situation, there only hope is left with the philanthropic organizations known as the non-profit organizations, whose contribution is unprecedented in uplifting the standards of people living in the cited areas. Relief India Trust is also one of those organizations which are recognized by virtue of their tremendous contribution to the targeted segments of societies as discussed above. Keeping in view the great contribution of the organization I will elaborate some main functioning and features of the organization, including its mode of operation, fund raising and target sectors. Following are the famous or prominent aspects related to the said organization:

  • Mode of operation

The major sources of funding for these organizations are the ones who are resourceful and want to donate some of their resources in the form of funds for the betterment and wellbeing of poor people. After collecting these funds, they are then used for extending various relief activities at wide variety of sectors, primarily aim at improving the life standards of the deserving people of targeted areas. Moreover, honorary services extended by various professionals and people belonging to different walks of life also add great value to the services of the said organization. For Instance, volunteer doctors arrange a number of special camps in these areas, in a bid to solve the health related problems. In the same way educationists having a spirit of volunteerism give their contribution by arranging sessions and creating awareness related to various social and educational issues. In the similar way, different professionals enlighten the needy people in their respective fields.

Besides, there are various areas or sectors where the organization spread its philanthropic activities, which are as follows:

  • Provision of adequate health facilities

One of the prime sectors where the organizations is to  extend its activities is health, The poor people are provided with various sorts of health facilities, including provision of free medicine, coupled with providing awareness about precautionary measures related to various sorts of diseases.Relief India Trust is no exception in this regard. It provides multiple health facilities to the needy people.

  • Relief activities

Just like other organization Relief India Trust also ensures the provision of relief activities in hard times, resulting from natural disasters and other mishaps.  It  is also the spark of hope for parentless or homeless children, providing them shelter and guardianship. So in a nutshell, it can be said that the organization is committed to resolve the vulnerabilities of people in any form they are faced with.


In a nutshell, it can be concluded that  the cited organizations are giving tremendous contribution to the society in the form of variety  of relief activities.

Relief India Trust acknowledged for participation in National Seminar of Medical Social Work

Relief India Trust has been a participant at the 2nd Annual National Seminar organized by All India Association of Medical Social Work Professionals (AIAMSWP). The national seminar was centered on “Medical Social Work practices in Hospital setting: Creative interventions and future avenues”. Held on March 20 at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, the seminar was a grand success. The seminar had a bipartite focus on firstly discussion and secondly to devise future initiatives for the problems related with present work practices, emerging challenges, policy implementation and available health infrastructure.

Relief India Trust participated in the seminar and actively took part in all the discussions. The seminar was bi-occasioned on World Social Work Day and completion of 55 years of Medical Social Services in AIIMS. The people and organizations called in to participate in this seminar are Medical Social Service Officers, Medical Social Workers or any Social Work Professionals working in hospitals, faculty of Social Work universities and colleges, Social Work Activists, NGO Representatives, health care organizations/institutions, CSR Units and Social Work Students (MSWs and PhD Scholars).

The organizer of the event, AIAMSWP is a non-profit and non-political organization working at the national level to promote an enhancement in the status of social work in the healthcare industry in India. The NGO has been trying to establish a collective identity of the profession of Social Work by bringing social workers together at one platform. With its headquarters at Pgimer, Chandigarh, the NGO serves a two-fold objective. It is working to establish Social Work profession in health care while at the same time protecting the interests of these professionals working in the health care industry.


Relief India Trust helping Thalassemia patients recover

Relief India Trust is helping build a better future by contributing to improve overall life in the country. With health concerns at its center, the NGO helps economically backward classes achieve appropriate medical care. In the list of its comprehensive programs for treatments of various diseases, the latest has been the program for Thalassemia.

About Thalassemia:

Thalassemia is believed to be a genetic disorder inherited as an abnormality of blood. The people suffering from this disease have a low Red Blood Cell count in their blood which in turn affects the production of hemoglobin in the body. The disease leads to various complications such as abnormal growth, bone deformities and abnormal breath.

Thalassemia patients survive largely through blood transfusion in their bodies. In extreme cases, transfusion might be needed once in every 2-3 weeks. Such a heavy need is very hard for poor people to be able to cater to and thus the Relief India Trust helps them combat the disease.

How Relief India Trust Helps:

Relief India Trust takes various steps in order to ensure that the sufferers of this disease belonging to the lower income strata do not find it life threatening. The disease is fatal in some cases, but a proper treatment can help the patient recover completely and if not that, it at least extends his life. RIT sets its struggle to fight the disease on the following lines:
• Through medical checkups
• Heavy blood donation activities
• Free medicines and treatment
• Iron supplements and therapies

In addition to these, Relief India Trust also gives genetic counseling to couples. Genetic disorders are avoidable if proper precautions are taken before marriage. RIT arranges for proper medical checkups to suggest suitable alternatives or preventions. This is not only helping prevent diseases but also is working in a positive direction to change the mindset of underprivileged class of the country.

RIT has a team of dedicated doctors, surgeons and therapists which are exclusively dedicated to the cause of the NGO. They carry out health improvement projects like Thalassemia support program to ensure that no child dies of lack of resources. RIT focuses on many other such diseases to improve awareness and health conditions in the country.

The Role Of Relief India Trust In India And Global Sustainable Development

Relief India Trust is a pure non-governmental organization undertaking various activities at no wages at all. It is simply a philanthropic organization focused on delivering charity to the needy and less fortunate members in the Indian society. This organization is formed in a manner that there are many community based organizations that work with the people at the grass root to determine the people that are really in need and formulating schemes through which they can be helped out of their problems. With a vast growing population in India, the role of relief India Trust among other NGOs is critical in a way that will save the future generations from pain and agony resulting from unequal distribution of resources and poverty. In simple terms, this is an organization working towards betterment of the society as a whole by getting rid of various issues affecting the society ranging from socioeconomic ones to those affecting the environment directly. All these are usually common with the marginalized areas of the society such as rural areas and slums which are overlooked by the society.
From the definition of philanthropy, the work performed by the Relief India Trust in the society is as a result of the love of mankind. It is through the unlimited love for mankind that people come forward to support the noble cause by Relief India Trust i.e.  of helping the needy and less fortunate ones in the society. Inequality is a common problem observed in many societies; RIT is aimed at eliminating this inequality and ensuring that all people are equal not only in what they do but also in all other aspects pertaining to life in general.
India is known for the fast technological development, but the country is yet to experience true equality in all aspects of life. With the help of the internet, many people are now able to access information about various activities including philanthropic ones and then decide to help the suffering in various parts of the country. This has promoted efficiency and effectiveness of this NGO that is known for its undying love for mankind.
The organization started slowly with a couple of well wishers, but has grown gradually to become the best NGO in India and the world today. It is because of the transparency and effective delivery of welfare services to the needy, such as free education to poor and disabled children, free medical care for all people, fighting for human rights for children, widowed and the elderly among others. All donors to this trust are passionate about bringing a change to the entire society in a positive manner and that has helped a great deal to create an impact on the society.
Global sustainable development is what every government looks forward to. With the help of the internet and the power of electronic communication, the road ahead is bright and sure will bring about everlasting change to the world. People can now read the activities by RIT among other NGOs and contribute handsomely towards the noble cause of improving the quality of life.

Relief India Trust- Taking An Important Place In Social Service In The Society

There are many NGOs in India today with a common goal of improving the quality of life for needy and less privileged through participatory governance and community mobilization based on natural resource management. Relief India Trust is a reputable and renowned social welfare organization that undertakes to make life easier and worth living for those that have otherwise lost hope. Several resources are actually directed to the cause which is achieved through various campaigns run by the organization. The money and resources used are actually obtained from various sources, including willing and big hearted individuals, corporations, business entrepreneurs and the government itself.

Establishing a web-presence has been a great boost in the affairs of the Relief India Trust as many people across the world have been reached to offer help for the less fortunate. The goals of the organization are indicated and the money donated channeled fully to the various campaigns to help achieve the cause. There are also many success stories in various communities in India, where beneficiaries have gained an enormous boost in their lives. The success rate of all projects undertaken by the Relief India Trust simply tells more about the commitment the organization has towards improving the quality of life for all underprivileged members in the society.

Financing various programs such as natural resource management, supporting child rights, supporting education of needy children, providing scholarships to needy students, tribal development, financing the elderly, providing free medical checkups for children, disabled and elderly among others go down as the most considered from which various problems are solved in the society. All the programs organized by the Relief India Trust are basically in the public interest so the need for various stakeholders to come forward to support the noble cause through finances.

Many volunteers coming forward to help the organization are also appreciated in a special way because without them, the cause may not even get underway. It is through the volunteer work that the environment is preserved for the sake of future generations through tree planting, proper waste disposal and creating awareness of the need to have all members living in harmony.

In order for India to realize its millennium development goals, a lot has to be done to eliminate poverty, hunger and illiteracy. Relief India for one is supporting education for all children in the society so that they can have it as a stepping stone to eradicating all other problems facing the society. Through education, children grow up to become responsible members and self sufficient to support themselves and their families rescuing them from poverty and hunger. Through midday meal programs across the country, education has received a great boost with more enrollment and many children concentrating on their education. To eliminate all social evils, education is needed and that is the reason why Relief India trust is more inclined into improving the quality of education in the  country which goes a long way to improving the quality of life in all realms. Let’s build a good environment and develop India together by supporting the noble cause by Relief India Trust through financial support and in kind.