Relief India Trust helping Thalassemia patients recover

Relief India Trust is helping build a better future by contributing to improve overall life in the country. With health concerns at its center, the NGO helps economically backward classes achieve appropriate medical care. In the list of its comprehensive programs for treatments of various diseases, the latest has been the program for Thalassemia.

About Thalassemia:

Thalassemia is believed to be a genetic disorder inherited as an abnormality of blood. The people suffering from this disease have a low Red Blood Cell count in their blood which in turn affects the production of hemoglobin in the body. The disease leads to various complications such as abnormal growth, bone deformities and abnormal breath.

Thalassemia patients survive largely through blood transfusion in their bodies. In extreme cases, transfusion might be needed once in every 2-3 weeks. Such a heavy need is very hard for poor people to be able to cater to and thus the Relief India Trust helps them combat the disease.

How Relief India Trust Helps:

Relief India Trust takes various steps in order to ensure that the sufferers of this disease belonging to the lower income strata do not find it life threatening. The disease is fatal in some cases, but a proper treatment can help the patient recover completely and if not that, it at least extends his life. RIT sets its struggle to fight the disease on the following lines:
• Through medical checkups
• Heavy blood donation activities
• Free medicines and treatment
• Iron supplements and therapies

In addition to these, Relief India Trust also gives genetic counseling to couples. Genetic disorders are avoidable if proper precautions are taken before marriage. RIT arranges for proper medical checkups to suggest suitable alternatives or preventions. This is not only helping prevent diseases but also is working in a positive direction to change the mindset of underprivileged class of the country.

RIT has a team of dedicated doctors, surgeons and therapists which are exclusively dedicated to the cause of the NGO. They carry out health improvement projects like Thalassemia support program to ensure that no child dies of lack of resources. RIT focuses on many other such diseases to improve awareness and health conditions in the country.