The Role Of Relief India Trust In India And Global Sustainable Development

Relief India Trust is a pure non-governmental organization undertaking various activities at no wages at all. It is simply a philanthropic organization focused on delivering charity to the needy and less fortunate members in the Indian society. This organization is formed in a manner that there are many community based organizations that work with the people at the grass root to determine the people that are really in need and formulating schemes through which they can be helped out of their problems. With a vast growing population in India, the role of relief India Trust among other NGOs is critical in a way that will save the future generations from pain and agony resulting from unequal distribution of resources and poverty. In simple terms, this is an organization working towards betterment of the society as a whole by getting rid of various issues affecting the society ranging from socioeconomic ones to those affecting the environment directly. All these are usually common with the marginalized areas of the society such as rural areas and slums which are overlooked by the society.
From the definition of philanthropy, the work performed by the Relief India Trust in the society is as a result of the love of mankind. It is through the unlimited love for mankind that people come forward to support the noble cause by Relief India Trust i.e.  of helping the needy and less fortunate ones in the society. Inequality is a common problem observed in many societies; RIT is aimed at eliminating this inequality and ensuring that all people are equal not only in what they do but also in all other aspects pertaining to life in general.
India is known for the fast technological development, but the country is yet to experience true equality in all aspects of life. With the help of the internet, many people are now able to access information about various activities including philanthropic ones and then decide to help the suffering in various parts of the country. This has promoted efficiency and effectiveness of this NGO that is known for its undying love for mankind.
The organization started slowly with a couple of well wishers, but has grown gradually to become the best NGO in India and the world today. It is because of the transparency and effective delivery of welfare services to the needy, such as free education to poor and disabled children, free medical care for all people, fighting for human rights for children, widowed and the elderly among others. All donors to this trust are passionate about bringing a change to the entire society in a positive manner and that has helped a great deal to create an impact on the society.
Global sustainable development is what every government looks forward to. With the help of the internet and the power of electronic communication, the road ahead is bright and sure will bring about everlasting change to the world. People can now read the activities by RIT among other NGOs and contribute handsomely towards the noble cause of improving the quality of life.