Relief India Trust- A Caring Welfare Organization In India

There are many NGOs in India today working for the welfare of the entire society, Including the children, youth, disabled, widows and the elderly among other special groups. Such organisaties have opened orphanages for the orphaned children, old age homes for the betterment of the elderly and rehabilitation centers for the disabled and handicapped among others. The Relief India Trust is one of the reputed NGOs working in India to perform various duties to help give the best services to the needy members in the society all over India and other parts of the world.

Relief Trust India is a welfare organization with a joint family concept where clause the problems of the poor and less privileged are solved. Emphasis on prospective job and the careers of the younger generation is bringing to light what the society needs the most ie education. This is the modern frame of mind That all children and youth shouldering Uphold for the sake of the future generations. Below are the various social welfare services provided by RIT;

Caring for the old aged

Relief India Trust  HAS opened up a number of old age homes where clause the welfare of the elderly are taken care of. The beneficiaries are’ve given free housing, clothing and food among other basic necessities. Sponsored by a number of corporations and businesses, the trust received HAS Enormous support for the sake or dejected and lonely elderly members in the society. There is nothing better the society can do to the old aged appreciating Other Than Their efforts to raise the youthful and strong generation by taking care of them in a special way.

Fighting for the rights of children and women

Women and children Usually Considered axis Weaker members of the society are faced with several at-regarding challenges Their rights. Sexual harassment, inequality and forced labor are just but a few. Relief India Trust comes forward to help the needy by Ensuring Their rights are Respected at all times. The trust ook Ensures That All people are responsible brought` to book and held accountable for Their Actions. Orphaned children are taken to orphanages Where They are provided with the best facilities like education, health and food among others.

Preserving the environment

The environment is a Crucial consideration by RIT. Global warming is a serious problem facing the world and all Governments and other like-minded organisaties are working hard to Ensure the environment is safe for humanity. Promotion of the use of green energy is among the things RIT does to Ensure all people have better tomorrow.

Provision of education and health facilities

All people in India today need education. It is through education That many people across the world have managed to get rid of Their problems zoals poverty and hunger among others. Educating the young generation will osmanthus ensure That the future is safeguarded. Setting up of schools and health centers across various Marginalized areas of the country HAS boosted the two major areas of concern. Simply contact RIT for your donation-which goes a long way to changing the lives of many in the society.


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